How to give your Monsoon mood a perfect swing?- Hotels on Sikar Road

Does the weather regulate your mood also? As soon as the weather becomes good, your mood instantly switches to being awesome, but if it’s hot, it directly gets reflected on your mood. Since the weather is just being at its absolute best these days, why don’t you set on a trip to some place nice, such as Jaipur?

Summer days make it difficult for travelers to travel around the city, but with government’s initiative towards better tourism, traveling around the city at night has become possible. But, the Monsoon season sets you free from all these constraints and allows you to take a leap out of the hotel room to explore the vicinity of the city- the true colors that envelopes the Pink City.


At this surreal time of the year, there should be nothing to stop you from visiting Jaipur. So, don’t bind yourself and come to visit the city drenched in the Monsoon’s splashes.

Also, ensure you stay with Jaipur Hotels near Railway Station because here, you will:

• Stay at the prime location of the city
• Make the most of the amenities
• Get facilities at affordable rates
• Avail Special Monsoon offers
• Enjoy sumptuous multi-cuisine food
• Party at the bar
• Enjoy Luxury spa
• Get same day laundry service
• Get your air tickets booked instantly

When all your travel points are getting marked right, what’s the point of waiting any longer?! Come, see us at Hotels on Sikar Road for an impeccable holiday time.

Searching a venue for Kitty Party? Visit hotel in Sikar Road Jaipur

From organizing kitty parties at home to enjoying at hi-end lounges, kitty parties have surely come a long way. In fact, these parties have also moved ahead in terms of its planning- earlier these used to be simple afternoon parties, but now every month the host has to decide a new theme and plan the things accordingly.



Having taken a broader view, it becomes evident that this entire event requires abundant planning and decision making, then be it in terms of thematic decoration, games, or even food. To add to it, everything has to be in accordance with the theme.

In view to this, Hotel Park Ocean, Jaipur hotels near railway station offers its party halls and rooftop for parties, where you don’t have to worry about managing food, venue or even décor. All you have to engage yourself in setting the theme, deciding the dress code, planning the games, choosing the dishes and rest all is taken care of by our team!

Other benefits of planning your kitty party with the hotel in Sikar Road Jaipur are:
1. Free car parking space
2. Valet Parking
3. Iceberg Rooftop with swimming pool for the party
4. Luxurious Padam Hall for 15-50 people
5. Internet Wireless Café
6. Sumptuous Food
7. Exotic Bar
8. Live barbeque, etc

So, if you are to become the new host or your friend is, reach us more information at:

Hotel Park Ocean
A-4, Opposite Bhawani Niketan School,
Sikar Road, Jaipur Rajasthan (India)
Phone: 0141-2337787
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Enjoy the Monsoon Splashes with Jaipur Hotels near Railway Station

Monsoon has finally entered Rajasthan bringing down its temperature and allowing people to enjoy not just the serene windy evenings but also step out in the daytime. The rains come as a relief to the locals as well as the tourists who come to marvel the city’s riches.
The city witnesses an astonishing change in Monsoon season. This time around, the visitors get to experience the rain washed historic monuments that look fresh and charming along with the city getting blossomed with lush greens and the water bodies in its abode getting revitalized with downpour.

As this season brings forth new colors to the already colorful city, here are a few choice by 4 Star hotels near Jhotwara road Jaipur that we would recommend you to visit in Monsoon:

1. The Old City



Take a joy ride to the Pink City’s Pink old charms, all drenched in the rains seeming completely fresh and fine. As you walk down to the streets, you see bountiful colors, multiple shopping options accompanied with street side treats, giving you the best shopping spree experience of your lifetime.

2. The Monuments



Jaipur never cease to boast of its historical reserves and therefore, protects and values its forts and monuments to the core. During this season, the picturesque forts get doubled in their beauty and evoke awe-worthy reactions from the visitors.

3. Riding to the hilltop



Be it Nahargarh, Jaigarh, Amber or Chulgiri- you just cannot miss these places in this season. The ride is adventurous to the hilltop and definitely worthy of visiting to encapsulate the entire city in one gaze. You can even drive down to the haunted fort of Bhangarh, which gets surrounded by plush greens in this season.

4. Serene Water Bodies



With the rainfall, the water levels of the water bodies in Jaipur increases that add the glory to the place surrounding it. The beauty of Jal Mahal or the Lake Palace gets doubled up, which becomes evident with the increase in the number of visitors coming to admire it.
So, don’t miss out on these recommendation of some of the best things to do in Jaipur.

We all at Jaipur Hotels near Railway Station look forward to welcoming you soon.

4 Star Hotel in Sikar Road Jaipur Recommends a Few Places to Explore at Night in Jaipur

What goes around the day alters completely by nighttime. With the initiative in Jaipur by The Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation (RTDC) towards night tourism in Jaipur, there is an elusive experience waiting around every corner of the city, only if you know where exactly to go.
With this recommendation by 4 Star Hotels near Jaipur Railway Station, travel around the city to explore some of the picturesque places spread around the city.



Jaipur may not have water bodies surrounding it, yet it boasts of the most magnificent water place in the world- Jal Mahal. It is a palace located in the middle of the Man Sagar Lake in Jaipur, which was renovated and enlarged in the 18t century by Maharaja Jai Singh II of Amber. The red sandstone palace shines bright in the day and at night, it gets lit up to look like a gold gem in the middle of the lake.



Whether you’re into history or not, Albert Hall Museum is one place that will spellbind you with not only what it hold on the inside but also outside. The entire museum gets lit up at night in the synchronized colorful LED lights appealing the eyes. Besides daytime, the visitors can even explore the museum at night from 7 in the evening to 10 in the night.
Note: The museum remains closed on every Tuesday from October to March and every Monday from April to September for maintenance.



Another pick of 4 Star Hotel in Sikar Road Jaipur is the Wind Palace of Jaipur, which is the essence of the Pink City, which looks even more spectacular at night when its 953 windows called jharokhas get lit up at night in assorted hues. Besides, when you walk down the road and get to marvel the lit up walled city and witness the beauty of Jaipur, it leaves you with total surprise.



On the edge of Aravalli hills, Nahargarh blossoms an innate desire to living the life on edge, especially when the wind strikes your face while you sit gazing at the illuminated Pink City blanketing the land. It is only wonderful to witness the sunset and spend the evening in bliss there.

Jaipur is indeed a city that will surprise you everytime you come to visit it. So, when in Jaipur, enjoy the nights just as the days with Night Tourism here and visiting places as mentioned by 4 Star Hotel in Sikar Road Jaipur.

Some Fun Facts about Hospitality Industry - Jaipur Hotels near Railway Station

A hotel experience is associated with so many aspects of our lives, be it relaxing, having fun, getting pampered and resting. You really look forward to all of it on your stay especially when you are travelling as a tourist for a plain vacation or business.

Besides offering you this restful and calm abode, what hotels have in store for you are some astonishing facts that will leave you awestruck.



Listed here are a few facts on hotels assembled by Hotels near Jhotwara Road Jaipur:

• Guess where are the 6 out of 10 tallest hotels in the world? Yes, you got that right. It is Dubai where you will find more than half of the world’s tallest building. The tallest of them has 76 stories.

• According to IHG report, there are 17.2 million rooms in the world.

• A hotel named Koshu Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan in Japan is the world’s oldest hotel in the world, which is recorded in the Guinness Book of world records. The hotel is over 1300 years old. You would be surprised to know that the ownership of this hotel is held by the same family for over 50 generations.

• How much do you think would the costliest room in the US cost you? Well, imagine spending around $995 per night for a room because that’s where the price begins of one of the costliest rooms.

• Did you know that the thermal baths that led to the origin of the spa were originally introduced in around 40 BC by Greeks.
Well, didn’t these facts answer some of your long unanswered questions? We hope they did.

For the time being, if you have any more queries or just in a search of a comfortable stay in Jaipur Hotels near Railway Station, you can reach us at:

Hotel Park Ocean
A-4, Opposite Bhawani Niketan School,
Sikar Road, Jaipur Rajasthan (India)
Phone: 0141-2337787
Mobile: +91-9783077755, +91-9549177755


Last Few Days of Summer Vacations Left to Join us at Hotels on Sikar Road

The summer vacations are coming to an end, which makes it the right time to go on a one last trip to someplace luxurious, such as the Pink City. Just so you know, Jaipur is called as the Pink City because in 1876 Maharaja Sawai Ram Singh ordered to beautify the city with terracotta pink, which denotes hospitality, to welcome Prince Albert and Victoria in Jaipur.

There are so many such tales associated with the royal city of Jaipur, also the capital of Rajasthan. This culturally rich city is imbued with number of historic events never falls short of narrating stories from the past to its visitors. There is also vast number of things to explore and make the most of in Jaipur. From children to elderly, the story of Jaipur and Amber interests everybody. In fact, if you’re really interested in History, then you can watch the Amber light and sound show on your visit here to get an insight of this city’s past.



Also, as you walk down the narrow lanes of the old city, you not only get to cherish the markets donned with feature-rich lampposts along with the colorful textiles, puppets and decorative items clad outside the shops. But, one that takes you by total amusement are the colorful city walls where as you walk along you find intriguing palaces and forts on the go. To name a few: Albert Hall, Jal Mahal, Hawa Mahal, City Palace, Jantar Mantar are the ones that you may witness while passing by or Nahargarh and Amber Fort sitting atop the hills!

Jaipur is a city that will never cease to amaze you with the plenty of these jewels in its abode.

So, come and witness its real beauty before the summer vacations come to an end.

Stay with the budget hotel on Sikar Road to enjoy a heavenly trip to the city. The hotels on Sikar Road will only add the cherry to your enchanting experience here!

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