Grab 10% Discount This Diwali On Your Stay At Hotel Park Ocean

Diwali is that time of the year when some of us like to stay at home and celebrate while some like to spend it at a different place. If you’re one of those seekers who’re travelling to explore the beauty of the world, then we must suggest you to come to Jaipur right away.

It is one of the best seasons to visit Jaipur as the walled city can be seen in a completely different mood and setup. The entire city is lit up with decorative lights and buildings decked up in themes. All around Jaipur, you can feel the festive charm running and drenching you in its fervor.


Our hotel located on Sikar road near Jaipur Railway Station is easily reachable to all the main destinations in Jaipur. In fact, you can easily commute from one place to another easily due to the availability of public transportation around it. Another benefit is that it is now offering you an attractive discount of 10% on our booking.

Spread the joy amongst your family members by making this Diwali as special as it could be. And for that begin by planning what all places to visit and where to stay. We can ensure you that your experience in Jaipur as well as our hotel would be the best. All the accommodation facilities will be beyond your expectations.

So, we hope you will soon plan your stay with us for a luxurious and hearty experience with the best services available in the entire city.

We are eagerly looking forward for your Diwali visit at Hotel Park Ocean with your entire family.

From where to shop in Jaipur this Diwali

Unless we come back with our bags loaded with plenty of shopping, it is not really considered a vacation. Well, for some exploring new places trigger the travel mode and for others, it is food and shopping. So, with this idea, we got in the mood of taking you to the walled city of Jaipur where you can not only marvel the heritage of the city but also explore city’s taste for clothing.

With the city enthusing with the Diwali festive fervor, now is the best time to go and explore your shopping bug as well as marveling the city decoration. However, it is buzzing right now with people but that is, of course, an experience of its own.

Johari Bazar





As the name itself suggests, it is the home to all types of jewellery designed and handcrafted using precious stones & gems, semi-precious stones, and jewelry. There are a plethora of options from where you can buy the trinkets. In fact, Diwali being an auspicious festival, there cannot be any better occasion to buy your favorite jewels.

Nehru Bazar




Abode for famous Jootis and Mojris of Jaipur, Nehru Bazar is the place where you can locate multiple shops selling intricately designed Jootis. The market brims with colorful and traditional Jootis selling distinguished patterns throughout.

Bapu Bazar




While serving as an eye candy due to royal Pink of the city, Bapu Bazar is actually called as a one-stop destination for all kinds of Jaipuri items that you want to purchase. From textiles (Sanganeri prints, bagru prints, batik prints, bhandhej suits, and bedsheets) to Joothis, you will get everything here along with serving your tummy with delectable street food.

MI Road

If you wish to get your hands on some fancy old silver jewellery and artifacts, antiques, handicraft, and apparel, then this is the place that you’ve been wishing to find. Besides this, there are many branded outlets such as Puma, Adidas, and Woodland etc that you will find here.

Tripolia Bazaar

Hub for lac and other designer jewelleries, Tripolia Bazar also offers Bandini tie and dye fabrics with rich embroideries, designer carpets, brassware and other traditional wares.

With this, we hope you are all ready to drench in the magic of Jaipur from tip to toe on this festival of Diwali!
Choose to stay at Park Ocean, which is a hotel near Jaipur Railway Station offering the best facilities and amenities at affordable rates.

What All To Explore In Jaipur This Season

The festival of lights- Diwali is almost here and we all are just super excited for it. This is the time when the entire city is lit up with decorative lights and people are seen profusely engaging in the celebrations. But that’s exactly what makes it even more important for avid travelers to come and be a part of it with the most welcoming city in the country-

Walled City Twinkling with Festive Mood

A stroll in the day light inside the walled city greatly distinguishes from the treat that it offers at night, particularly during Diwali. During the daytime, you will find people indulging in shopping while night is usually seen brimming with people coming to marvel the decoration of fancy lights with which the entire walled city is illuminated that changes the complete look.




Shopping Extravaganza

October is that time of the month when shopping enthusiasts can explore the maximum number of fares and carnivals in Jaipur. As the auspicious festival approaches closer, more number of home décor, lifestyle exhibitions you will find, where exhibitors from around the country come to showcase their best products.




Best fix to your sweet tooth

Jaipur is widely known for the love of sweets but as the festival is near the excitement can be seen doubling up. Due to which you get to try every more varieties of eateries and sweets at shops, available exclusively for the festivities.

Monuments and Palaces

Well, heritage hotels, monuments and palaces are tightly knit to Jaipur. And thus, it is mandatory for every tourist to explore them. Some of them are- City Palace, Jantar Mantar, Amber Fort, Jaigarh Fort, Nahargarh Fort, Jal Mahal, Hawa Mahal, and Albert Hall etc.

Best bargains

Another positive thing about festival is that almost everything is available at the heavy discounts allowing you to buy plenty of stuff at comparatively cheaper prices. So, take home the best souvenirs and gifts for your friends and family.

Festivities have their own charm and when comes to festivals, foreigners get drawn to it. So, this year jaipur hotels near railway station invites you to make Jaipur your destination where you will find the best mix of traditional and modern cultures.


Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth Cravings In Jaipur

For all the foodies out there, it is not important whether they are in their own city or somewhere else, what matters is FOOD. And when it comes down to sugary delectable sweets, their mouth just starts dripping with the craving to gobble it all down the stomach.

Jaipur being one of the cities that have deep love for sweets and which is why the city has many delectable specialties that you must try-

Paneer Ghevar - A disc-shaped sweet dish that is traditionally prepared in Rajasthan during the Teej festival. It comes with plain as well as a variety of other toppings like paneer, mawa, malai etc. If you’re going with plain ghevar then one way of eating it is with Kheer.

Doodh ke Laddu - Ask any Jaipurite and their expressions hearing about Doodh ke Laddu will tell you exactly how delectable those are. Laxmi Mishthan Bhandaar based in the Old City serves the best Doodh ke Laddu in town, which you simply cannot miss tasting.

Mawa Kochori - Sweet kachori (puffed pastry) often sounds weird but ask those who’ve tasted it. It is a delectable dish of Rajasthan prepared with mawa and dry fruits stuffed in the kachori coated with sugar syrup. You can have it from Rawat Mishthan Bhandar located in Sindhi Camp for the best Mawa Kachori.


Gajak - Made from sesame seeds or ‘til’, as it is called in Hindi, this dry sweet is the dessert consumed in the winter season. This local treasure that Pink City offers is available in various kinds with the best taste coming from Narayanji Gajak Wale in Johari Bazaar.

These are some of the most famous desserts of Rajasthan that are worth trying. So, have these during your visit to Jaipur to satisfy the sweet tooth craving in the best possible manner. Also, you can plan your stay with the hotel near Sikar Road so that all these places are easily reachable for you.

Visit To The Pink City- An Experience Of A Lifetime

Jaipur is the city that has tremendous footfall due to the rich history that it envelopes within itself. When you unfold the sheets of past, what you find is numerous gems hidden in its abode, which stands as one of the reasons why tourists love to frequent their visit to our beloved city.


Apart from the history and architecture, they are also mesmerized with colorful, unique and traditional aura that binds everyone in its cheerful form. In fact, some of them particularly come to experience and indulge in this lifestyle for a marvelous change in their monotonous routine life.

However, some confuse themselves with Jaipur having only these ancient architectural marvels to explore whereas there is another side to the city that gets your eyes lit up with its modish charm, which is equally worthy of your visit.

Meanwhile you engage yourself in shortlisting the things that you will be doing in Jaipur, let us have you sorted with the other side of the trip, that is, your stay!

Having your hotel located in the heart of the city sorts out half your problems as it provides the best means of communication as well as makes every location easily accessible. Talking about one such hotel that is located near Jaipur Railway Station, Hotel Park Ocean, which is the best hotel near Sikar Road, provides all the basic as well as deluxe amenities at really affordable rates.


Moreover, this hotel near Jaipur Railway Station gives best deals to its customers so that they can enjoy their vacation luxuriously without spending extra pennies from the pocket.

What more do you need when your budget, facilities, location, and stay are all sorted in the best possible manner. Simply, get your calendar marked, bags packed and off you are to this wondrous destination, which presents a mesmerizing mix of traditional and contemporary existence and that is why it ends up in the diary of every avid traveler.

Plan Your Next Kitty Party Under INR 500* at Hotel Park Ocean

When it comes to hosting a kitty party, or as a matter of fact, any event, the biggest dilemma that one has to undergo is deciding the venue where you can host the party. Of course, everyone has their requirements based on accommodations, food quality, ambiance and other specific needs; it is only a few places that meet all these specifications up to the mark.



For those who look forward to making their party memorable, Hotel Park Ocean is the place for you which will meet all your requirements. There are various reasons why we suggest you choose us-

Affordable rates - One thing that stops us many times from booking a place is due to soaring rates of the place. However, Park Ocean is one such place where you can get the best at really affordable rates.

Superior quality food - Once you’ve determined the budget, the next best thing that you cannot compromise with is the food quality. With the magic in our chef’s hands and their secret recipes, you would only raise your heads higher with pride for choosing Hotel Park Ocean.

Car Parking Facility - And we have your queries sorted at this end also. Our spacious parking lot can accommodate the vehicles of all your guests which saves you all from worrying about getting your vehicles damaged or towed.

Party areas - Based on the number of guests on your invitation list, you can select the area where you can party amongst Maya Hall, Padam Hall,and also the Rooftop. Convert your next kitty party to a full glam pool party by organizing your kitty party by the pool at our rooftop. With this, get ready to host your kitty party under INR 500 at the low budget hotels jaipur .Apart from this, if you have any more requirements or queries, do let us know and we will look after it.

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