Facilities at Hotels near Jhotwara Road Jaipur for Business Meetings

Meetings/conferences are almost like an everyday affair for businesses, whether it is with teams or your clients for proper communication. In fact, with time-to-time meetings, one can ensure effective communication that turns out to be the only way of eradicating any confusion and building a harmonious environment based on mutual understanding, trust and knowledge sharing. While small meetings are possible in the premises of your office, there are times when you require bigger spaces to conduct such meetings.

At Hotel Park Ocean, one of the Jaipur Hotels Near Railway Station, we provide you just that. We have 2 separate conference halls with different occupancy, where you can conduct business meetings, seminars, conferences, confidential meetings etc for 15 to 175 people at a time, approximately. All these halls are well-lit, properly air-conditioned, spacious and fully-equipped with the requisites.



Apart from this, we also have free parking lot for you, so that your business associates can easily park and join the meeting. There’s also free Wi-Fi, doctor on call facilities available for you, in case of emergency. So, host the meeting here in a luxurious manner, that too without overspending from your company’s funds.

Also, if you are looking for a team outing where you can dine and enjoy together with the entire team, then Park Ocean will probably be the place where you’d love to be. We offer a number of mouth-watering cuisines at our impeccable restaurant at pocket-friendly prices.

So, whenever you require a casual dine-in place with your team or need to arrange formal meetings, come straight to the Hotels Near Jhotwara Road Jaipur, where you’d assuredly get the best facilities possible in Jaipur.

Throw a Cool Party at Hotels Near Jhotwara Road Jaipur

We all have a party animal inside us that needs to be tamed every once in a while by either hosting or joining the party. Especially as the summer has begun, as much as we want to have some fun but the heat forces us to spend our daytime by staying indoors. So, the first question that pops up in our mind is where exactly do we organize the parties?

Well, fret not because we have just the right choice available for you. The Hotels Near Jhotwara Road Jaipur, especially Hotel Park Ocean offers three different halls of various sizes, swimming pool, bar and café where you can host your party at any time you want.


1. In our Padam Hall, from a birthday party to your friend’s group get-together, you can plan a party comprising of 15-50 guests. In case, you require a bigger hall with more occupancy, then Maya Hall is also an option, which can accommodate 80-175 people.

2. Organize a rooftop party in the evening with your friends and enjoy the bird view of the entire city at night. This rooftop can accommodate 20-80 people at once.



3. The days are warm and we all are in search of something that can help us keep calm. What can be a better solution to these hot days than some time off by the poolside? Yes, Park Ocean has a pool at its rooftop where you can organize a fun pool party.

4. No party is complete without some drinks from the bar. So, relax and plan a party at our bar with the drinks prepared by our bartenders.

Apart from the above-mentioned four areas, you can also join us for lunch or dinner in our restaurant where we serve the top Pan-Asian cuisines prepared by our culinary experts.

So, now that you know where to hit next for organizing a party, we are sure half of your stress must be released. What are you waiting for then?

Go ahead, book the place and get ready to have some fun!

A Refreshing Resort from Warm Days at Jaipur Hotels near Railway Station

The temperatures have started rising everywhere making our days dreadful, exhausting and tiring. In situations such as this, we require some escape that can calm our muscles down and give us a refreshing dose to continue the work for the days to come.

If you are looking for one such relaxing activity, let us tell you that there is nothing better than visiting one of the best Jaipur Hotels Near Railway Station, Hotel Park Ocean, where you can not only be a part of one such summer-relief activity but many of them.
Listed here are a few facilities at this sikar road jaipur hotel that you can make the most of:

Rejuvenating Spa Facilities



Imagine a calming massage in the dimly lit aromatic room where our spa experts help your body ease up with their professional pressure treatment. We are sure this would be just the break that will break the monotony of your routine and help you calm yourself.

So guys, go ahead and try it because all you will come out saying is WOW!


Swimming Pool Facilities



A dive into the pool on the rooftop is a good way to rescue the summer heat. Just come and spend some quality time with your friends and family along with some chilling cocktails and refreshments by the poolside.
Sounds like a fun day, right?

Chilled Drinks at the Bar



What else could quench your thirst than a good long sip of chilled cocktails prepared by our bartenders? This summer, don’t fret the heat but celebrate it with a some fresh and exquisitely prepared cocktails from our bar.

Comfortable AC Rooms



After all the above doses, all you will look for is a comfortable bed to sleep on in a well-conditioned room with all the routine facilities to make the most of. So, go ahead, relax at the Park Ocean’s rooms, and make the most of the services offered by us.

We are certain that these summer-rescue ideas will instantly draw you to join us at one of the best Jaipur Hotels near Railway Station. This will definitely end up to be one of the fondest decisions of your lifetime.

Comfortable Accommodation at Hotel Near Jaipur Railway Station

Holidays are clearly about taking a break from the same old tiresome routine in order to fill vibrant and playful colors in our lives. There are a number of factors that work behind making your holiday the best experience overall. There are minute details that we sometimes overlook; however, they are one of the crucial aspects that must always be taken care of.


Factors such as destination, journey, itinerary and also, the complete planning including the hotel booking should be considered. It is important to understand that a larger part of your stay depends on how good the destination is and what hotel have you selected. It is because a night’s comfortable sleep can only be fulfilled in the case when your hotel provides highly comfortable relaxing spaces along with the prompt services.

Therefore, before you go on to booking your hotel, you need to consider the aspect associated with it, such as:

1. How good are your accommodation facilities?
2. Whether all the basic amenities are there in the room or not?
3. The services that are offered at the Hotel.
4. How courteous the staff is?
5. What is the customer’s feedback?
6. The hotel serves your requirement and falls within your range.

If you get these questions answered and everything falls on the positive end of your lists, then the hotel must definitely become your choice.

In case you’re coming to Jaipur in your holidays, we suggest you stay with the hotel near Jaipur railway station- Hotel Park Ocean, which will definitely prove to be the best on all the fronts- location, services, accommodation facilities etc.
So, come and visit us to make it one of the most memorable stays of your life.

What distinguishes Hotel Park Ocean from Other Hotels in Jaipur

Every customer has his own set of expectations with which he plans to stay. Some can offer good location while other can give them a comfortable rooms and impeccable services. However, what if you had an option to select a hotel that could offer you an experience like one of its own- a legendary one!



So, here are the reasons why we are considered as one of the best hotels in Jaipur:

Location- The hotel near Jaipur Railway Station located on the Sikar Road, which is almost in the heart of the city gives you connectivity to the entire Pink City. The location is easily reachable. Moreover, you can find many local commuting means to travel from one part of the city to another.
Services- Our services are top-notch and have been appreciated by most of our guests. They have left us positive feedback and immense appreciation for the 24*7 undisrupted services.

Rooms- All the rooms are painted in the shades that soothe the customer and make it excessively relaxing for them to stay with us. All the rooms have been properly equipped with basic amenities.

Halls & Roof Top to Organize a Party- On the basis of your accommodation requirement, we provide you the halls divided in to two different section- Padam Hall and Maya Hall or the rooftop, if a customer requires to host a party by the pool.

Rejuvenating Spa- For a holiday is meant to relax and chill; therefore, our customers can also make the most of the stay by taking up our spa services.

Our list of services doesn’t end here. So, help us marvel you with a one-of-its kind experience offered at the Hotel Park Ocean, Jaipur. Make sure you choose us next and nobody else.

Organize a Successful Business Meeting at Hotel Park Ocean

A business meeting is an equally important part of an organization as its employees, especially because it helps in bringing the teams closer and developing understanding in them. And of course, every team needs space and a proper place that can organize it without the lack of any essential amenities. As the employees or other guests may join the meeting, it has to be conducted in a well-equipped and properly executed area.

One of the best Jaipur Hotels near Railway Station- Hotel Park Ocean is the answer to your requirement. Here, we have three different halls- Maya Hall, Padam Hall, and Roof top that can occupy 80-175 Persons, 15-50 Persons, and 20-80 Persons respectively.




Just tell us all about your requirements and give us the opportunity, we will make you feel the difference. For a larger gathering, you can choose our Maya Hall, which is well-equipped, properly furnished and aptly lit as per the requirements of any conference or party.

If you want a hall to accommodate up to 50-60 people, then Padam Hall is what will fulfill your requirement. It is a 1400 sq. ft. hall that fulfills the requirements of small gatherings/ meetings/ conferences etc.

And if you are looking for a place for a casual or semi-formal gathering, then bring your team to our Iceberg roof top café where they can sit and chill by the pool. It also has a smoking zone there, so you can sit, relax, eat, and enjoy with your entire office team.

So, when is your next office meeting happening? We are sure you wouldn’t want to miss out on it.

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