Zee JLF To Light Up Our Beloved Jaipur

The most awaited time of the year has finally arrives where world’s greatest writers, thinkers, humanitarians, politicians, business leaders, sports people and entertainers come together under one roof to express and engage in thoughtful debates and dialogue.

The World’s greatest and free literature festival not only binds the city in its exciting colors but also people from all over the world come to join it with enthusiasm. The vibrant hues, passionate faces, creative personalities come to witness this majestic festival. This year, Jaipur Literature Festival will take place from 25th to 29th January.


Prominent speakers such as Anurag Kashyap, Bina Kak, Nandita Das, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Prasoon Joshi, Rajdeep Sardesai, Shashi Tharoor, Sheila Dikshit, Shobhaa De, Soha Ali Khan, Sudhir Chaudhary, Zakir Hussain, and William Darlymple amongst other elite personalities will be addressing various socio-economic aspects in the discussions.

Besides this, there will be array of books on display on display for the visitors. And well, how can we forget food, there will be some fantastic food kiosks serving delectable cuisines for your famished tummy that you can also take pleasure in.

So, with this Jaipur is surely going to be brimming with excitement and enthusiasm. If you’re one of those people who are coming to witness this grand festival and looking for a hotel to stay in, then Hotel Park Ocean is the one you should end up with. We are one of the hotels in Jaipur near station, which will not only instantly give you access to all the JLF venues but it will also be convenient when you drop down from the railway station.


4 Winter Snacks To Savor in Jaipur

Winter is here and so is the time to have winter special delicacies. Jaipur, as we all know, is known for delectable cuisines and exclusive sweets that soothe your taste buds. Amongst a plethora of munch on(s), there stands a special few that stays close to our heart and depicts the authentic Jaipuri taste in it.

Here is the list of 4 special winter snacks that you must not miss during your visit to Jaipur:

Mawa Kachori


What do you call a kachori with a twist, probably Mawa Kachori. It is one of the spectacular delicacies of Jaipur in which kachori is filled with mawa and sugar syrup. You must specially try it at LMB in Johari Bazar or Rawat Sweets and Kanji Sweets located near the bus stand.

Pyaz ki Kachori


Another one from the kachori family is Pyaz ki Kachori. You might wonder what is so special about a Kachori with onion stuffing. Well, it is the perfect fusion of spices and cooking techniques that take you by complete surprise. Besides, the love with which they offer, it totally spellbinds you.

Crisp pakodas and jalebis


It is rare to see a Jaipurite’s winter pass by without at least a few visits to Saras Parlour for crisp pakodas and doodh jalebis in winter. Be it morning or evening, you can see people enjoying their winters with these snacks.

Bun kachori/ Bun Samosa


For almost every Indian, tea is an integral part of their routine. A day without tea feels incomplete and worthless. Well, for all those tea lovers, Gulab ji chai is the best place to have some refreshing tea and buttery bites of bun kachori or samosa. Now you must be thinking what it is exactly. Well, it is the samosa or kachori (whatever you prefer) stuffed between the two buns layered with butter. As unique as it sounds, it is equally delectable to gobble.

So, with  this you have 4 different snacks to have during your visit to Jaipur. Remember to plan your stay at the hotel near jhotwara road jaipur, as all the aforementioned destinations are located at just small distances from there.


Why Jaipur Sits on the Top of every Avid Traveler’s List

Jaipur is one of the most fascinating cities that boast about rich heritage and colorful life. One thing that attracts tourists the most is how liveliness of the city depicting a blend of urban and rural in the right proportion keeps them mesmerized all throughout.

A city is made up of its people, heritage, culture, traditions, and beliefs. Already knowing that Jaipur has a rich heritage, it is also true that we have an equally binding culture and traditions and humble people.

It is definitely not it. There are many more reasons why Jaipur remains on the top of every traveler’s list:

Colorful city hues



It is important that visitors get to know your lifestyle and feel like a part of it. Coming to Jaipur is altogether a different experience for people. Do they not only jell up easily here but also become a part of it. Our interesting array of colors filled in the entire walled city keeps them beguiled throughout.

Too much to understand and explore



Jaipur dates back to 18th century, you can wonder how much it must hold in its abode. There are wide range of historical monuments, palaces and museums here that mesmerize you with their fascinating history and stories connected to it.

Lush greens to water bodies



Jaipur holds a number of water bodies in and around it and the lush green that it is surrounded with make you feel like you’re in paradise. Especially when you stand at Nahargarh Fort and swipe a panoramic view of the city, all you wish to do then is soak in its beauty from all sides and angles.

We say don’t waste any time and come to this ethereal city. It is the right time to become a part of this surreal beauty. So do visit Jaipur and stay with the best hotel in Jaipur to quickly access the entire city with super ease and comfort.


5 Popular Temples in Jaipur

As common it is to explore Jaipur’s famous monuments, one cannot refrain from visiting equally marvelous temples built by various rulers in Jaipur. Dominantly ruled by a number of Rajput rulers stand as a clear reason as to why there are such a wide number of Hindu temples here.

As far as you go in Jaipur, you can dot numerous temples. Here are the 5 most popular temples that you mustn’t miss:

Birla Mandir



Birla Mandir stands tall at the base of Moti Dungri fort in Rajasthan. It is often referred to as the Laxmi Narayan Temple because it is dedicated to Lord Vishnu (Narayan), the preserver and his consort Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth. The temple is built with fine quality marble, which makes it an attraction for the onlookers.

Govind DevJi Temple




Located in the City Palace complex, the temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna. Raja Sawai Jai Singh II, the founder of Jaipur brought the image of the deity here from Vrindavan.

Galta Temple




Galtaji is a famous pilgrimage site for Hindus in the town of Khania-Balaji. The site consists of multiple kunds in which the devotees bathe. It is a popular belief that a saint named Galav lived, meditated and self-mortified here.

Moti Doongri Temple




Built in 1761, the temple is dedicated to Lord Ganesha. The icon is believed to be five-hundred years old. There is also an icon of Shiva in the complex, which is opened only once a year on Mahashivratri. In fact, Birla Mandir is also situated close to it in the Southern side of Ganesha Temple.

Garh Ganesh Temple



This temple is located on the hills of Nahargarh and Jaigarh Fort. It was built by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh before the establishment of Jaipur, and only after the placement of the icon in the shrine that the foundation stone of Jaipur was laid. In fact, the temple was built in such a way that Maharaja could see the icon from his palace using binoculars.

Since our budget hotels near railway station Jaipur is located in the heart of the city, stay with us to enjoy your stay as well as easily reach out to all the temples in Jaipur.

Spend Your Vacation In Jaipur The Right Way

Jaipur is a place that retains its charm throughout the year but come winters, its colors changes completely with a promising fragrance and excitement in the air. The delectable eateries and sweets offered in this season by Jaipur vendors in the regal atmosphere makes everything more enjoyable. Bring this to your imagination and wonder how a savoring hot platter of food in the royal escape of majestic forts and palaces would feel like- Simply AMAZING, right?!

Like Park Ocean- hotels near jhotwara road jaipur earlier gave you the reasons to visit the city, let us give you an insight of what all can you go and explore here.


Jaipur Wax Museum:




Inaugurated in 2016, Jaipur Wax Museum instantly attracted attention of the Jaipurites as a new gem created its space into their lives and also became an important destination for the tourists as it showcases wax and silicon statues of the iconic people who have not only excelled in their industry but also have effortlessly contributed to the society.


Forts and museums:




One cannot deny the fact that this city presents some of the most wonderful historical as well as architectural marvels. In addition, it is not just one or two forts in our beloved Pink City but numerous of them that are even famous worldwide. Some of them being- Nahargarh Fort, Jaigarh Fort, Amber Fort, Albert Hall Museum etc.


Creative blend of traditional and modern:




A place that brims with colors and showcases an mind-boggling blend of tradition and modern through almost everything, whether it is its people, language, attires, shopping, food, or anything else that comes to your mind, which you won’t get to see anywhere else. Thus, making it an important destination in every avid travelers list.


Water bodies around Jaipur and also the World famous haunted place:




Yes, there is so much more beyond architectures also. If you are a water lover, then let us tell you that Jaipur is surrounded with numerous water bodies. In fact, the world famous haunted place Bhangarh is also located nearby.


Top 4 Water Bodies You Can Have Fun Around Jaipur

November has stepped in and so have the cold winter’s breeze. The days are moderately warm while the nights feels comparatively chiller. During the evening time, spending some time around the water bodies makes you feel better in quite a lot of ways. Especially, when the cool breeze brushes your cheeks giving you chills while you are witnessing the sunset marking an end to the day with the last sip from hot cuppa.

You simply know that you have to marvel this sight and enjoy the blend of natural and historical beauty. Therefore, we have accumulated a few water body spots in Jaipur for you:


Sagar Lake

A 17th Century gem divided into two parts- The Upper Sagar and The Lower Sagar, to keep a check on the water table of the region. It was designed in such a way that it automatically filled various step wells once the water reached ‘Sagar’. It is definitely a thing of beauty. You can reach the Sagar Lake by car and cover the rest on foot.

Ramgarh Dam

Located approximately 30 kilometres from Jaipur, the sprawling artificial lake once used to brim with water. It last saw water supply in 1999 but now it is one of the most famous picnic spots. It is covered with green vegetation cover. The Ramgarh Lake also offered its abode for 1982 Asian games’ events.

Jal Mahal Palace

One of the most popular places in Jaipur that keeps the visitors’ mesmerized with its raw beauty. The palace is partially under water. You can witness a beautiful sunrise standing near Jal Mahal. It simply looks ethereal even at night with the moon peeking from behind the illuminated palace.

Chandlai Lake

One of the lakes located on the outskirts of Jaipur is famous for spotting migratory birds. In winters, if you are lucky enough, you can even spot Flamingo. It is a wonderful lake where you can spend hours watching the picturesque view.

So, these are a few water bodies in and around Jaipur that you must visit during Jaipur darshan. You can easily find the public transportation from our hotel near Sikar Road for all these places for the convenience.