Last Few Days of Summer Vacations Left to Join us at Hotels on Sikar Road

The summer vacations are coming to an end, which makes it the right time to go on a one last trip to someplace luxurious, such as the Pink City. Just so you know, Jaipur is called as the Pink City because in 1876 Maharaja Sawai Ram Singh ordered to beautify the city with terracotta pink, which denotes hospitality, to welcome Prince Albert and Victoria in Jaipur.

There are so many such tales associated with the royal city of Jaipur, also the capital of Rajasthan. This culturally rich city is imbued with number of historic events never falls short of narrating stories from the past to its visitors. There is also vast number of things to explore and make the most of in Jaipur. From children to elderly, the story of Jaipur and Amber interests everybody. In fact, if you’re really interested in History, then you can watch the Amber light and sound show on your visit here to get an insight of this city’s past.



Also, as you walk down the narrow lanes of the old city, you not only get to cherish the markets donned with feature-rich lampposts along with the colorful textiles, puppets and decorative items clad outside the shops. But, one that takes you by total amusement are the colorful city walls where as you walk along you find intriguing palaces and forts on the go. To name a few: Albert Hall, Jal Mahal, Hawa Mahal, City Palace, Jantar Mantar are the ones that you may witness while passing by or Nahargarh and Amber Fort sitting atop the hills!

Jaipur is a city that will never cease to amaze you with the plenty of these jewels in its abode.

So, come and witness its real beauty before the summer vacations come to an end.

Stay with the budget hotel on Sikar Road to enjoy a heavenly trip to the city. The hotels on Sikar Road will only add the cherry to your enchanting experience here!

JKK- A Creative Space for Artists near Hotels on Sikar Road Jaipur

As we all know Jaipur is renowned for its history, art and culture. And to nurture this growth of art and artists, an international establishment was brought in Jaipur in 1993, and named it JKK or Jawahar Kala Kendra. This institution primarily focused on the preservation and promotion of the various genres of Indian art and culture. In fact, in the last few years, JKK has become not only the cultural destination but also the point of reference of the newly budding art and cultural centres.



One can witness and participate in numerous workshops, dance and music recitals, theatre shows, art exhibitions and publications focused on art & culture regularly held here. Besides Art, what’s fascinating to understand is the architecture of JKK.

Beginning with the main building, it contains:
• Six exhibition galleries
• Open air theatre
• Auditoriums
• Dormitories
• Coffeehouse
• Cafe

It’s captivating to know that each section of this building resembles the characteristics of the respective planet, for instance, located in the Jupiter section is the Library, which attributes to knowledge and wisdom. The exceptional nature of the central dome of JKK reflects through the murals from the Jain mythology, the charts and paintings on the ceiling of the central dome. The entire Coffee House based in the lunar section of JKK portrays the lesser-known aspects of Indian astronomy through wall and coffee table paintings drawn here. Every coffee table depicts a different phase of Moon in the coffee house.

Apart from this, you can explore Shilpgram, which is the venue for fairs, haat bazaars and festivals.

From the entrance till the exit, every nook and corner including even the smallest area narrates some story to each one of us, making it a place for both the artists to create and the art lovers to soak in the beauty of Art in many ways.

Thus, Hotels on Sikar Road Jaipur recommend you to visit JKK when you’re in Jaipur to truly witness the beauty of Art and culture.
All of us from Jaipur Hotels near Railway Station await to welcome you to the beautiful Pink City!

Street Food at Masala Chowk - Suggested by Hotels On Sikar Road Jaipur

Street food is one of the first things that we probably try once we enter a city and honestly, be it a dish as common as Paav Bhaaji, which is found in almost every corner of the country and still distinguishes in flavor from place to place. Imagine what it must be like tasting the city’s own authentic, aromatic cuisines.



Well, in view to this, Jaipur has assembled its favorite tastes under one roof from every nook and corner of the city. The place has been named Masala Chowk, ready to serve you with the best of the different tastes where you can eat and rejoice 21 different stalls from across the city. Well, one more thing, you also have places to sit and enjoy your food. It opens up at 8 in the morning and serves you till 10 at night.

You can try a variety of tastes here, including:
• Samrat’s Pyazz Ki Kachori, Masala Tea and Jalebi
• RamaKrishna’s Kalkati Chaat
• Shankar’s Samosa
• Sethani ka Dhaba’s Aalo pyaaz ki sabzi and tikkad (bread)
• Somilal’s Rawat Misthan Bhandar’s Gulab Sakri

These were just a few to name, there are so many more to try, so many that you would be already full without giving each stall a try.

If you’ve already booked your stay with the hotel in Sikar Road Jaipur, then don’t worry you can still easily reach Masala Chowk from our place. There is a wide number of public transportation available from hotels on Sikar Road Jaipur.

So, for once, try out this recommendation by best hotel near Sikar Road because you would definitely, in fact, most instantaneously fall in love with it too.

Vacation means a Fine Stay at Hotels near Jhotwara Road Jaipur

Summer vacations are about to begin and there is no better choice than taking your children to explore new and historically rich places, where they can learn about the culture, history and what not. But the question is where?

Well, whenever the topic comes down to historically rich places in India, Jaipur is one of the names that tops the list of giving people of all ages an intriguing experience during their visit. It is mainly because the city has very well maintained its riches in the form of forts, palaces, art and culture, which stands as a pillar for immense attraction towards the city.



This vacation surely calls for an outing to a place like Jaipur, and Jaipur Hotels Near Railway Station can definitely list all the right reasons to support it. To begin with, here are a few of them:

The Eminent Forts and Palaces such as Jal Mahal, Amber Fort, Hawa Mahal, Nahargarh Fort, Jaigarh Fort etc known for their impeccable architecture and history behind them.

Local Crafts found in the uniformly painted terracotta “pink” colored walls of the old city, where you can find hand-printed fabrics, wooden-carved patterns, marble sculptures, blue pottery, paintings etc.

Mouth-watering cuisines that are exclusive to the city brag about their rich authentic tastes- Gatte ki Sabzi, Kaer Sangri etc while also satisfying the sweet tooth through sweet dishes such as ghevar, fenni etc.

Experience the joy of colorful festivals in Jaipur, the land of many festivals that are celebrated throughout the year with vigor and excitement.

These were just a few reasons, there are many more to plan your trip to Jaipur.

So, don’t make your children wait for the holidays to come. Book your stay with the Hotels Near Jhotwara Road Jaipur already to confirm your plan and fill their hearts with excitement.

Best 5 Jaipur Souvenirs as Suggested by Jaipur Hotels Near Railway Station

A holiday always remains incomplete until there are plethora of distinguishing memories and some exquisite souvenirs to accompany you back home. After all, it is only the pictures and a handful of fond memories that we get to cherish later in our lives. Therefore, it is necessary that we bring something back to always remind us of our good days.
For this simple reason, souvenirs remain vital and close to our hearts always. Jaipur, being a hub of colorful and intriguing handicraft items, there is no denying the fact that every distinguishing item highlighted in the market takes us by surprise and make us want to possess it.

But, Jaipur Hotels Near Railway Station has listed the 5 best souvenir choices for you that would make your selection way easier:


Blue Pottery
Jaipur is known as the hub of royal blue-glass pottery that leverages upon quartz stones and not clay. This helps them from forming any cracks like the ones that easily reflect on the surface of regular pots. You can find a massive variety of blue pottery collection at Rajasthali, Jaipur.

Better known as ‘Kathputli’, these traditionally dressed puppets are an attraction for the tourists. They are crafted with wood, clay, stones and conveniently accessible items. You’d be surprised to know that these puppets are homemade in vibrant colors. There are many shops where you’d find assorted collection of these puppets.

Metal Work
Jaipur is one of the best places to buy the elegant metal work shaped into pill boxes, table tops, figurines etc. These make a surprisingly amazing home décor item. You can get extensive range of designs of these metallic works. Explore the old city area of Jaipur to get your hand on the vibrant collection of metal works.

For all the ancient paintings lovers, these traditionally Rajasthani paintings that portray the royal and romantic life of the Mughals are an interesting items to possess. Besides, it is also fascinating to know that these paintings are called as the Mughal paintings. Apart from these, there are also those paintings that not just depict the royal lifestyle but also runs along the incidents of Ramayana and Mahabharata.

Block printing, tie-dye, bandhej are just a few of the assorted techniques of creating the world-famous patterns that still remain exclusive to Rajasthan. Therefore, you can easily find a range of products in Lahariya, Mothda, Ekdali, and Shikari along with the textile choices of Sanganeri and Bagru. Using these fabrics, not only can you fill in exotic colors to your room but can also use it for wall decor.

With these options suggested by Hotels Near Jhotwara Road Jaipur, may you take home the best souvenirs from Jaipur.

Stay at Jaipur Hotels near Railway Station During IPL Season 11

The IPL fever is on and the enthusiasm can be clearly felt flowing throughout the country. People are actively watching it, be it from the stadium or at home via satellites, but they hardly miss out on any chance of supporting their favourite teams.
Considering the fan following of this game, one of the Jaipur Hotels near Railway Station, Hotel Park Ocean is offering IPL season live screening at its hip lounge- Tamasha. So, witness the grandeur of this game and join us with your friends and family at any time to support your favourite team over snacks and drinks.



Just in case, you are still more enthusiastic about watching it at the stadium only, let us tell you there will be a few more matches that will take place in Jaipur.
Browse here the details of the upcoming IPL matches in Jaipur:

Date: Apr 29, Sun
Match Details: Rajasthan Royals vs Sunrisers Hyderabad, 28th Match
Venue: Sawai Mansingh Stadium, Jaipur
Time: 4:00 PM

Date: May 08, Tue
Match Details: Rajasthan Royals vs Kings XI Punjab, 40th Match
Venue: Sawai Mansingh Stadium, Jaipur
Time: 8:00 PM

Date: May 11, Fri
Match Details: Rajasthan Royals vs Chennai Super Kings, 43rd Match
Venue: Sawai Mansingh Stadium, Jaipur
Time: 8:00 PM

Date: May 19, Sat
Match Details: Rajasthan Royals vs Royal Challengers Bangalore, 53rd Match
Venue: Sawai Mansingh Stadium, Jaipur
Time: 4:00 PM

Once you’re done watching it live from the stadium, join us back at Jaipur Hotels near Railway Station, to make the most of the rest of the evening.

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