India is a mystical country with various haunted forts and monuments. One such ghastly castle of India is Bhangarh fort, located on the border of the Sariska Reserve in the Aravalli range of hills in Alwar district and was built in the 17th century by Man Singh for his younger son Madho Singh.

Its premises are surrounded by a partly ruined wall, gardens, banyan trees, haveli and temples of Lord Gopinath, Someshwar, Mangla Devi, and Keshava Rai. But the mysterious attraction is an isolated chhatri on the hilltop which attracts the attention of travellers. Even the Archaeological Survey of India(ASI)has requested the locals and tourists to not enter the fort during evening or night time. There is no one particular story behind why the fort is haunted.


Here are two interesting stories about this place:

1. The Story of Princess Ratnavati and Singhia Tale

The wicked sorcerer Singhia was attracted by Ratnavati’s beauty and tried to trap her in his magical ploy, but failed every time as the princess too was a master in tantric art. One day he saw the beauty buying oil for the palace and spelt black words that anyone who touched the oil would turn into a stone. Queen came to know his intentions, thus dropped the oil on the magician and soon after that he turned into a stone, but before the death, the magician cursed the whole city saying that no soul would ever live in peace and no house would ever stand erect.

2. The Prophecy of the Ascetic

It is believed that Madho Singh took permission from an ascetic Guru Balu Nath who lived near the neighbourhood to construct the fort. He gave the permission on a clause that the shadow of the fort should never fall ahead his home and the king accepted his condition. Thereafter, the king started raising the structures vertically, but could not stop the shadow to fall and the result of it was that the fort doomed in no time.

Apart from this, there are two interesting beliefs related to the castle:

Doors Close After Dusk

Yes, the doors of the fort are closed after sunset. A major incident was reported where two boys spent a night in the fortress but never returned. Thus, strict rules have been made to leave the area before dusk. Even the entrance gate is closed till late morning for security reasons.

Roofless Top

It might be shocking to hear but people living nearby claim that whenever they try building a roof, it immediately collapses. Thus, people here do not have a rooftop in their homes.

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