The famous temple of Khatu Shyam Ji is located in the Khatu village of Sikar, Rajasthan. An immense faith in Khatu Shyam Ji attracts devotees from across the country to visit this holy place to offer prayers and seek blessings of Khatu. This temple is also popular for one of the biggest fairs of India, held on the occasion of Holi every year.

History of the Khatushyam Temple

It was built in 1027 AD by Roop Singh Chauhan, the then King of Khatu. The place where the idol was dug out from is known as Shyam Kund. Around 1720 AD, a nobleman named Abhai Singh refurbished the old temple, at the request of the then ruler of Marwar. The idol is made with the aid of rare stone.

The story of Khatu Shyam Ji Temple

Khatu Shyam Ji Temple is named after a warrior, Veer Barbarik whose last wish was to see the Mahabharata battle so Lord Krishna placed his own head on the mountain top for Baba to view the war. When the Kalyug era started, the head was found buried in Khatu – a village situated in Rajasthan. Then surprisingly, one day milk started flowing out of a cow's udder when she was near the spot. Post this incident, the villagers dug the place up and only the head was found.

Later on, the head was handed over to a Brahmin. King of Khatu – Roop Singh Chauhan has a dream where he was urged to build a temple and place the head therein. Upon King’s order, a Khatu Shyam Ji temple was built and the idol was installed on the 11th day of the Shukla Paksha of Phalgun month.

About the Phalgun Khatu Shyam Fair

Amongst the biggest fairs of the Hindu temples of India, Khatu Shyam Ji Fair is one. Lakki Mela takes place every year and is a centre of attraction amongst people. The fair usually lasts for five days but keeping a large number of devotees in mind, this year’s fair has been increased to ten to twelve days.

This time, the religious fair will take place from 10 March 2019 and continue till 19 March 2019. The main fest will be held on 17th March on the day of Ekadashi in Phalgun month. In place of Shyam Baba's Kirtan, Shyam devotees make a tremendous effort to feed the devotee, Baba.

Visitors from all over India have immense faith in God and which is why the temple witnesses devotees in large numbers every year. Millions of devotees make marks by travelling from the rings to the Khatu Dham, with the marks of Kesariya colour.

Due to the popularity of the fair, there is a heavy crowd seen and people have to stand in the long queues of worshippers. After a tiring day, you would surely require a comfortable place to stay and during the peak season, it would be difficult to find good accommodation in the good hotels. Hence, book the best hotel in Jaipur to stay as Jaipur is hardly 79 Kilometers away from the shrine temple.