A holiday always remains incomplete until there are plethora of distinguishing memories and some exquisite souvenirs to accompany you back home. After all, it is only the pictures and a handful of fond memories that we get to cherish later in our lives. Therefore, it is necessary that we bring something back to always remind us of our good days.
For this simple reason, souvenirs remain vital and close to our hearts always. Jaipur, being a hub of colorful and intriguing handicraft items, there is no denying the fact that every distinguishing item highlighted in the market takes us by surprise and make us want to possess it.

But, Jaipur Hotels Near Railway Station has listed the 5 best souvenir choices for you that would make your selection way easier:


Blue Pottery
Jaipur is known as the hub of royal blue-glass pottery that leverages upon quartz stones and not clay. This helps them from forming any cracks like the ones that easily reflect on the surface of regular pots. You can find a massive variety of blue pottery collection at Rajasthali, Jaipur.

Better known as ‘Kathputli’, these traditionally dressed puppets are an attraction for the tourists. They are crafted with wood, clay, stones and conveniently accessible items. You’d be surprised to know that these puppets are homemade in vibrant colors. There are many shops where you’d find assorted collection of these puppets.

Metal Work
Jaipur is one of the best places to buy the elegant metal work shaped into pill boxes, table tops, figurines etc. These make a surprisingly amazing home décor item. You can get extensive range of designs of these metallic works. Explore the old city area of Jaipur to get your hand on the vibrant collection of metal works.

For all the ancient paintings lovers, these traditionally Rajasthani paintings that portray the royal and romantic life of the Mughals are an interesting items to possess. Besides, it is also fascinating to know that these paintings are called as the Mughal paintings. Apart from these, there are also those paintings that not just depict the royal lifestyle but also runs along the incidents of Ramayana and Mahabharata.

Block printing, tie-dye, bandhej are just a few of the assorted techniques of creating the world-famous patterns that still remain exclusive to Rajasthan. Therefore, you can easily find a range of products in Lahariya, Mothda, Ekdali, and Shikari along with the textile choices of Sanganeri and Bagru. Using these fabrics, not only can you fill in exotic colors to your room but can also use it for wall decor.

With these options suggested by Hotels Near Jhotwara Road Jaipur, may you take home the best souvenirs from Jaipur.