Monsoon has finally entered Rajasthan bringing down its temperature and allowing people to enjoy not just the serene windy evenings but also step out in the daytime. The rains come as a relief to the locals as well as the tourists who come to marvel the city’s riches.
The city witnesses an astonishing change in Monsoon season. This time around, the visitors get to experience the rain washed historic monuments that look fresh and charming along with the city getting blossomed with lush greens and the water bodies in its abode getting revitalized with downpour.

As this season brings forth new colors to the already colorful city, here are a few choice by 4 Star hotels near Jhotwara road Jaipur that we would recommend you to visit in Monsoon:

1. The Old City



Take a joy ride to the Pink City’s Pink old charms, all drenched in the rains seeming completely fresh and fine. As you walk down to the streets, you see bountiful colors, multiple shopping options accompanied with street side treats, giving you the best shopping spree experience of your lifetime.

2. The Monuments



Jaipur never cease to boast of its historical reserves and therefore, protects and values its forts and monuments to the core. During this season, the picturesque forts get doubled in their beauty and evoke awe-worthy reactions from the visitors.

3. Riding to the hilltop



Be it Nahargarh, Jaigarh, Amber or Chulgiri- you just cannot miss these places in this season. The ride is adventurous to the hilltop and definitely worthy of visiting to encapsulate the entire city in one gaze. You can even drive down to the haunted fort of Bhangarh, which gets surrounded by plush greens in this season.

4. Serene Water Bodies



With the rainfall, the water levels of the water bodies in Jaipur increases that add the glory to the place surrounding it. The beauty of Jal Mahal or the Lake Palace gets doubled up, which becomes evident with the increase in the number of visitors coming to admire it.
So, don’t miss out on these recommendation of some of the best things to do in Jaipur.

We all at Jaipur Hotels near Railway Station look forward to welcoming you soon.