Jaipur is the largest city in terms of area and population located in the Indian state of Rajasthan in Northern India. It is the vibrant and first planned city of India. Today, it is one of the most traveled destinations in the country because of the rich heritage and cultural hub. Besides having popular forts and monuments, it has so much to offer like its industries comprise hand-loom weaving, distilling, handicraft, metalworking, etc.

You must have read facts related to the history of the Pink City, why it’s been painted in pink color, who was behind the architecture and why has it been planned according to Vastu Shastra.

But, here are some unheard stories about Jaipur from Hotel Park Ocean, one of the best Jaipur hotels near railway station:

1. What is Jaigarh?

It is a fort located in the Aravali hills named ‘Cheelka Teela. Sawai Jai Singh II constructed it to provide extra security to the Amber Fort and which is why the architecture bears resemblance to Amer. Though, invaders tried their best to conquer it but failed every time. The walls of the fort are spread over 3 km and have 3 water tanks in it.

2. What is Jaivana?

Ever since the 18th century, Jaivana canon is regarded as the largest wheeled canon in the world. It was also built by Sawai Jai Singh II in 1720 AD. Jaivana is made after compilation of two words, Jai meaning victory and Vana meaning arrow. The length of the barrel is 20.2 feet and weighs around 50 tons. It can be found in Jaigarh Fort. People proclaim that it had been fired once,which led to the killing of eight men and one elephant.

3. Who was Maharani Gayatri Devi?

She was the third Maharani consort of Jaipur. She had been included in the Vogue magazine’s top ten most beautiful women list. She started many schools in Jaipur but one had been named after her as Maharani Gayatri Devi Girls Public School and amongst popular schools of India. She was also known for reviving the forgotten art of blue pottery. Apart from all this, she was the first woman to have won the Lok Sabha seat by 1, 92,909 votes out of 2, 46,516 which is a milestone in the history of India.

4. Why is Jawahar Circle Asia’s biggest circle?

Jawahar circle is claimed as Asia’s biggest circular park developed on the highway traffic circle. It is surrounded by rose gardens and musical fountains. The diameter of this circle is 452 m and the circumference calculates 1420 m.

5. Why is Jaipur’s bus stand named as Sindhi Camp?

Before independence, a lot of people from the Sindhi region migrated to Jaipur and refugees took shelter here in an open space. They stayed here for more than fifteen years and constructed temporary shelters before shifting to Sindhi colony. Hence, it came to be known as Sindhi Camp post the state Government constructed a bus stand at this place.

These were just five, but there are many more facts about Jaipur. Do come and visit the majestic and royal city.Also, plan your stay with Park Ocean, one of the Jaipur hotels near railway station as that would be a good choice for a comfortable stay in this beautiful city.