As we all know Jaipur is renowned for its history, art and culture. And to nurture this growth of art and artists, an international establishment was brought in Jaipur in 1993, and named it JKK or Jawahar Kala Kendra. This institution primarily focused on the preservation and promotion of the various genres of Indian art and culture. In fact, in the last few years, JKK has become not only the cultural destination but also the point of reference of the newly budding art and cultural centres.



One can witness and participate in numerous workshops, dance and music recitals, theatre shows, art exhibitions and publications focused on art & culture regularly held here. Besides Art, what’s fascinating to understand is the architecture of JKK.

Beginning with the main building, it contains:
• Six exhibition galleries
• Open air theatre
• Auditoriums
• Dormitories
• Coffeehouse
• Cafe

It’s captivating to know that each section of this building resembles the characteristics of the respective planet, for instance, located in the Jupiter section is the Library, which attributes to knowledge and wisdom. The exceptional nature of the central dome of JKK reflects through the murals from the Jain mythology, the charts and paintings on the ceiling of the central dome. The entire Coffee House based in the lunar section of JKK portrays the lesser-known aspects of Indian astronomy through wall and coffee table paintings drawn here. Every coffee table depicts a different phase of Moon in the coffee house.

Apart from this, you can explore Shilpgram, which is the venue for fairs, haat bazaars and festivals.

From the entrance till the exit, every nook and corner including even the smallest area narrates some story to each one of us, making it a place for both the artists to create and the art lovers to soak in the beauty of Art in many ways.

Thus, Hotels on Sikar Road Jaipur recommend you to visit JKK when you’re in Jaipur to truly witness the beauty of Art and culture.
All of us from Jaipur Hotels near Railway Station await to welcome you to the beautiful Pink City!