Ask a coffee lover what Coffee really means to him and he will lay out all of his emotions right in front of you because coffee is that amazing a thing, honestly! Well, if I put it correctly, it’s not just a thing but an emotion. An emotion that compliments every mood - be it good or bad. Coffee feels like the eternal companion who’s there without any apprehensions. Whatever may be the season, occasion, venue or reason, coffee fits itself perfectly in every situation.

If you associate with coffee in the same manner, then these five authentic and famous coffee shops around Jaipur are going to be your favorites soon. Try it yourself to see the magic unfold. We know you’re going to thank the budget hotel on Sikar Road.


Here we go:

Indian Coffee House
Coffee associates with us in a unique manner and when the external ambiance matches up to the emotions, the duo swing in a positive direction.The Indian Coffee House is one such place where you eventually get transported to an era of 80’s with its rustic furniture, old posters, servers in designated uniforms and unique cutlery. It’s a great place especially when you wish to step back, slurp in some coffee, have a bite of your South Indian dish and just relax.

Banna Ji
Located in C-scheme, BannaJi is a popular sneak out point for the young college students who can be found crowding the place only to relish the amazing coffee that Bannaji serves. Be it post-dinner coffee that you wish to try or a chilled evening with friends, it is the best place in town for the coffee enthusiasts.

Located behind World Trade Park is this dairy that serves as regular coffee spot for the school and college students of the nearby areas. GVD or GyanVihar Dairy is a hot spot for cold coffee lovers that one can pair up with sumptuous masala patties along with exploring other Street food in Jaipur.

Statue Circle
Statue Circle’s coffee is the best in town. It is basically a tiny shop near Statue Circle where the unmatchable coffee is served. Be it CCD, Barista or Starbucks, nothing wins over “Uncle ki Coffee”. The yummy coffee is evident considering each day’s footfall that this place witnesses.

So, when in town, do not forget to taste some of the luscious coffees in Jaipur. We are pretty sure you will love it!