Travelling certainly makes a person happier, builds self-confidence, improves mental well-being, provide new experiences and memories but the only downside of vacations is that it often costs us more than the anticipated. To avoid such a situation, it is better to have some idea about cost-saving before you travel because even the most planned holidays are sometimes plagued with unexpected expenditures.

Planning in advance can save you from the trouble and the first step of planning any trip should be the budget and sticking to it at any cost. Preparations involving airline and hotel tickets, money access, and food places can help one save about 20% of the original expenditure.

Some major tips to save money while travelling are:


1. Public Transportation

Opt for public transportation facilities like bus, auto or metro while travelling to a new place because it charges comparatively lesser than privately hired cabs. Wherever possible, book a round trip in order to make it more beneficial than compared to one side fare.
A quick tip here: Always carry cash as not every auto/bus driver will have the digital payment apps available.

2. Street Food

Avoid eating near tourist places because those cafes and restaurants will charge you double. Every city you travel will have its local cuisine. So, while heading out in the city for lunch or dinner, opt for street food as you will not only save on money but will also get to taste the native food of that place.

3. Advantage of Discounts

One of the finest ways to get discounts for travelling is to keep checking the travel websites that offer attractive packages including car rental, food, entertainment and flight. Flat discounts can be availed by booking tickets at least two months in advance. Finding cheaper options will surely take some time but the money you save will help you in purchasing extra stuff. You can also go in groups as that would help in splitting the money.

4. Travel in Off-Season

Before planning for any trip, it is best to do some research and see when the best time is to visit that place. The apt time to travel is mainly after or before the vacation month kicks off. This would help you save a lot as everything from food to stay as well as flight tickets become cheaper!

5. Budget Hotel

Always opt for cheaper hotels for a budget stay and cheaper does not mean that they are bad. When it comes to a comfortable sleep after the hectic day, a simple room is also enough with the basic facilities.

So, aside from making you happier in the short-term, travelling can make you a much more contented and relaxed person in the long run, too.

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