Street food is one of the first things that we probably try once we enter a city and honestly, be it a dish as common as Paav Bhaaji, which is found in almost every corner of the country and still distinguishes in flavor from place to place. Imagine what it must be like tasting the city’s own authentic, aromatic cuisines.



Well, in view to this, Jaipur has assembled its favorite tastes under one roof from every nook and corner of the city. The place has been named Masala Chowk, ready to serve you with the best of the different tastes where you can eat and rejoice 21 different stalls from across the city. Well, one more thing, you also have places to sit and enjoy your food. It opens up at 8 in the morning and serves you till 10 at night.

You can try a variety of tastes here, including:
• Samrat’s Pyazz Ki Kachori, Masala Tea and Jalebi
• RamaKrishna’s Kalkati Chaat
• Shankar’s Samosa
• Sethani ka Dhaba’s Aalo pyaaz ki sabzi and tikkad (bread)
• Somilal’s Rawat Misthan Bhandar’s Gulab Sakri

These were just a few to name, there are so many more to try, so many that you would be already full without giving each stall a try.

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